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Organic, Ethically Sourced Coffee

Fresh roasted, delivered to your doorstep

Fair Trade

We're helping coffee farmers build sustainable livelihoods.

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Feel better, live healthier, and help sustain our environment!


Rainforest Friendly 

We help build sustainable

growing and working 


Did you know most commercial coffee is actually harmful to your health?
With little regard for the environment, many commercial roasters use the cheapest beans available. This means devastating rainforests, using extremely harsh chemicals, and paying the farmers almost nothing.
The end result? Coffee with a bitter, sour taste, leading to toxin buildups in your body, resulting in less energy. And other undesirable side effects.
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Unless properly roasted, coffee will taste bitter or sour.

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Cheap coffee will often contain mold and are sprayed with Harsh chemicals that are banned from the USA.

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Low quality coffee leaves you with less energy from the toxin buildups.

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Most coffee farmers are paid between $.80-$1.10/pound which is barely enough to even buy their families food.

Coffee and Health
Ethical, organic, fresh coffee shouldn't break the bank.

With a vision to change what's accepted as normal, we started our own company. Using a state of the art, flame roasted coffee machine, we're able to develop flavors not found in most commercial Roasters.

With our coffee, you'll be able to embrace the full flavor coffee was meant to have, with more clarity, energy, and better Overall health!

Fresh Roasted
We roast all our coffee in small batches to retain the fresh flavor.
Family Run Business
When you support our family, You support the farmers families.
World Class Flavor

We stand behind this statement, and offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Starting a coffee subscription has never been easier!
Choose Your Subscription
Unsure which coffee you want? Order our 3 Bean Sample Pack!
Place Your Order
Checkout is super simple, and all orders are shipped fresh!
Enjoy Your Fresh Coffee
With a subscription, you'll never run out of your favorite coffee!

Our Happy Customers

This is by far the best coffee I've ever had! The pricing is within my budget, and I couldn't be happier to be supporting a company which shares many of the same values as me!

David Blane

Start A Subscription

Bold Wind Sunrise Blend

The perfect medium roast, combining our Ethiopian and Brazilian beans into an incredible blend!

Ethiopian Sidoma

Light roasted to absolute perfection. You'll love this if you're into lighter roasted coffees!

Pau Pau New Guinea Decaf

An amazing dark roast with flavor hints of excellence and freedom! Decaffeinated using a safe chemical free water process. Could very easily pass as a non-decaf coffee.

3764 S Main St

Lobelville TN 37097





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